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Business development in lockdown

Brokers / 9th June

We have seen new business development activity over the last eight weeks significantly change from pre-lockdown norms. Conversations with prospects have moved from conceptual based proposals, to a much more analytical and technical discussion. Less of the "what might it look like" more of the "what does it actually look like and how does it work today". The real-life application of technology and integrated customer journeys has been highlighted by the changing demands of brokers' customers and the spotlight has really shifted to practical application of solutions and who has the answers now!

We have seen real advantages using the power of screenshare, to visually engage prospects, as opposed to the more traditional face to face Q&A sessions with us trying to "paint a picture". Detailed presentations of journeys along with specific example of the screens that clients actually see has been a huge success, and weren't always possible in the office environment, which was always dependant on projectors, TV hook ups or large groups of people huddled round a computer screen. This has been amplified where we are engaged with new start-up businesses, who have used the time productively to continue their journey to market, something we are pleased to help support.

We are also seeing a greater depth of conversations being achieved in shorter meeting times, when connecting virtually, which has ultimately expedited the sales cycle for both parties. Initial video call meetings have replaced the telephone conference call, which are becoming a thing of the past. Online we can focus more on our service, technical capability and offering, operational efficiency and execution as well as our more normal business as usual processes.

Whilst still a relatively new phenomenon, we are seeing an increase in sales opportunities and early signs show they could accelerate the sale to trade timeline, that all good organisations measure themselves by.