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Happy Birthday Fairway Credit

Brokers / 8th November

30 years of providing access to golf club membership

Nigel Stewart, Sales Director, Fairway Credit

It’s been 30 years since Fairway Credit first offered golfers the option to spread the cost of club membership and support for clubs by managing their membership administration and helping to build membership numbers.

Then and now

Life has changed significantly in the last 30 years. Back in 1993, the car of choice was the Ford Escort, Bacardi Breezers featured in the clubhouse bar for the first time, and if you fancied something more traditional, a pint of beer would have set you back just £1.37! On the fairway, drivers had steel shafts and where were the motorised trolleys?

Since then life has moved on and golf has changed too. New celebrity players have won titles, broken records and inspired us all - the next generation has stepped up and taken the game forward. New playing formats have been introduced, technology has lifted performance, and of course, fashion has influenced what we wear.

One major improvement to the game has been increased access. Grassroots golf has introduced young people and wider demographics to the sport and equality has moved up the agenda. Financial inclusion has also played its part.

Inflation may have been at a 33 year low in 1993, but consumers were increasingly looking for effective ways to use credit, for purchasing every day and bigger ticket items like golf club membership. It was at this point Fairway Credit introduced opportunities for golfers to spread the cost of their club memberships over monthly payments. We’ve been offering this facility ever since.

With current high rates of inflation and wider economic factors forcing up the cost of golf club membership, this type of payment facility has never been more relevant. Research tells us that 92% of members clubs plan to increase subscription fees this year.*

Improving access to membership

Making golf club membership a manageable monthly outgoing rather than a large, single annual lump sum payment, is a popular way to create ongoing access to the game. It gives a more affordable option for players. Offering a finance facility to meet membership costs is becoming more and more commonplace as players look for effective ways to manage cash flow.
It’s also beneficial for clubs providing them with a smooth, reliable and regulatory compliant cash flow. With memberships paid to the club in full at the start of each membership year, the club can manage its own financial planning more easily, helping save time and administration costs. It’s a serious consideration for clubs looking to maximise income and ease the administrative burden.

Building golf club membership now and for the next 30 years

Despite the ongoing cost of living crisis, we can all play a role in getting more people involved in golf, helping them to enjoy this unique sport. Offering a finance facility to sustain membership levels has the potential to give further access to the game and secure the future prosperity of UK golf.

For more information on membership financing options, please contact the Fairway Credit team on 0344 736 9818.


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Nigel Stewart, Sales Director, Professions, Premium Credit Specialist Lending