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HR Software Unlock the potential of your people

Brokers / 12th February

We previously posted an article on recruitment techniques following discussions with our brokers. As part of those conversations, it was evident that managing HR procedures and motivating staff were areas where brokers needed more support. With this in mind, we’ve reviewed the latest tools and services that are available to help brokers manage and motivate their staff more effectively.  

American businessman Steve Wynn summed up the importance of HR very simply:

The value of technology

We are big believers in making the complex matter of modern work as simple and as efficient as possible. We know from our own experience that a little investment in the intelligent application of technology can greatly reduce the time taken by manual tasks. EPICC, our own technology platform, simplifies the administration and compliance of insurance sales (you can read more below).

The right
can help small businesses by reducing the manual work in administration, record-keeping and compliance.  In the past, this type of software was costly and hard to install, but many solutions are now moving to the cloud and can be installed easily.  Here, we offer an overview of the latest HR technology and how it might help your business.


Goodbye admin overload - hello HR apps! That’s how Zenefits sells itself. The main function of the Zenefits platform is HR management and benefits administration, but it also provides payroll time tracking and is backed up by a mobile app. What’s even better is that the basic package is free and offers additional upgrades as you grow, which means you can try before you buy.

Ideal for: A basic introduction to HR software.

Cost: Free to get started, with a simple pricing structure for additional features.

Summary: If you don’t have an automated system for your HR, it’s worth a look.



Namely, sells itself as “The All-In-One HR Platform Your Employees Will Love.” Does anyone love an HR platform? Probably not, but Namely does include a comprehensive list of features covering payroll, benefits administration, time tracking and performance reviews, and a record for all of your employee data.

The system is flexible and designed for mid-sized companies.

Ideal for: Growing businesses needing more control over HR.

Cost: You need to request a demo.

Summary: Ideal for mid-sized companies and used by big tech brands such as Mashable and Vimeo.



According to one American study, only a third of the workforce are engaged with their work (defined as performing with enthusiasm and feeling a connection with the company). It estimated that the annual cost of disengaged employees was $300bn.                    

When you join Perkbox, everyone in your organisation gets access to exclusive offers on hundreds of big name brands, with more added every week. Employees can save hundreds of pounds a year on groceries and other daily essentials. This enables you to offer your staff a whole range of customisable perks.

Ideal for: Adding more options to remuneration packages and motivating your staff.

Cost: Depends on the package: ask for details.

Summary: Motivate your team with a range of perks and discounts.



Claims to be independently ranked as a “Category Leader for Cloud Human Resources Software.” The organisation offers a configurable and cost-effective HR software system for mid-sized and growing companies. It already has a presence in more than 80 countries and makes available a range of tools to streamline and improve human resources management. In addition, the system provides workforce analytics tools and complementary solutions for payroll.

Ideal for: Serious players who need to beef up their HR management and resources.

Cost: From £130/month

Summary: For HR teams that need more support.


Premium Credit and EPICC

As we mentioned at the start, we believe that technology can help to improve the efficiency of your business and deliver better commercial results. Our broker portal,
, enables you to offer your commercial clients choice in how to pay for their insurance premium. In addition, the information is presented in a consistent, secure and compliant manner which can be branded with your company’s image. If you want to know more about how
EPICC can help your business, please contact us at

Here’s what one customer has to say about it: