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Knowledge is power - be prepared

Brokers / 9th April

The fight against Covid-19 may be heading in the right direction with the vaccine roll out in full swing, but how are brokers preparing for the future? Those who plan well will be best placed to succeed in the new economic era we’re entering, but what should be considered?

Contingency plans are being instigated; working locations are being reconsidered; integration of technology continues to be implemented at pace, all with a view to being able to function well post Covid. As well as operational considerations, obtaining new market knowledge will also play a key role in how brokers secure future economic well-being and new opportunities. The saying, ‘knowledge is power’ will be as relevant as ever in the quest for ongoing success.

We’re pleased to be playing our own part in supporting broker communities in this process. We carried out a series of studies and unique market analysis in 2020 to gauge sentiment towards buying insurance and the use of credit – among personal, SME and corporate customers during the pandemic. Our first Premium Credit Insurance Index used this data to provide useful market insights for brokers to add to their own data and experiences, helping them to assess market trends and plan new sales activity.

For those wishing to remind themselves of the key findings, first published in Q4 2020, the Index report can be found here

Research is currently being conducted for the 2nd Premium Credit Insurance Index providing further, valuable insight to support our broker communities going forward. The full report will be made available soon, watch this space!

Knowledge is power