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Vaccine development gives hope

Brokers / 2nd December

During a year of negative Covid-19 headlines we all welcomed the news of vaccine advancements and mass testing announced last week. With hope on the horizon, this gives us all renewed optimism as we prepare for 2021 despite experts warning economic recovery won’t be easy. How are you intending to facilitate business growth in the year ahead?

Despite recent positive vaccine news, further announcements have been made urging caution to reduce the risk of spreading the virus when rules are relaxed across the UK over Christmas. Over the last few days we also heard of new localised restrictions and regional tiers introduced.

The constraints are widely different dependent on area and will affect people and businesses in different ways. In contrast, we at Premium Credit, will continue to serve our partners and customers in the same ‘business as usual’ manner wherever you are located in the UK and Ireland, all made possible by an advanced digital capability.

Our online systems continue to handle high volumes of premium finance during this challenging period, assisting business development opportunities. It means that our partners can transact their customers’ business without manual intervention and have instant access to detailed customer and management information.

To complement this frictionless, digital customer journey our people also remain available, safely working from home and accessible to brokers and your customers, helping to optimise your premium finance offering.

With the latest good news regarding the likelihood of an imminent vaccination programme we remain positive about a return to normality during 2021. In the meantime we’ll continue to provide uninterrupted, award winning premium finance solutions for you and your customers.

Please reach out to us if we can help further.