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Brokers / 25th June

Our Capability Team is made up of Premium Finance experts all of which have a background in insurance, therefore understanding the challenges you face.

We can help you

By upskilling broker staff and providing insight into our systems, processes and the sharing of best practice we have seen a whole host of benefits across our broker network. From reducing aged debt to cutting down the time spent querying agreement statuses with our contact centre, our effective training programmes allow brokers to provide a far more positive finance experience to their customers.

Our trainers can assess your training requirements and deliver tailored training to ensure we add value where needed. We recognise every business is different, but with the right tools and training material, we can help to drive finance commission for your business whilst ensuring customers are treated fairly.

Full capability training is available for:

  • Sales and offering Insurance Premium Finance
  • Objection Handling
  • PLaSMA
  • Interactive
  • My Premium Credit (customers online account)
  • The My Details App
  • PCL processes and Reporting
  • The Cost Benefit Analysis tool and app

To find out more or to arrange training & support with our Capability Team, email

Since we received Premium Credit’s training in October we have had no reported mistakes creating unallocated cash in our business. This has been a great improvement so thank you for your time and resource