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What challenges and opportunities do you expect for 2021?

Brokers / 23rd November

Life has changed beyond belief as a result of COVID-19 but I am certain the future is bright – particularly for those embracing the latest technology to serve partners and customers better. 2021 will be a year of opportunity for those making the most of the digital age.

The application of technology will keep the wheels of commerce turning however bleak the outlook appears enabling a frictionless customer journey.

Having invested heavily in our core IT platforms over the past 5 years, Premium Credit continues to provide and develop significant self-serve functionality that has been a meaningful benefit during the pandemic and will serve us well in 2021 and beyond.

We’ve been listening to our partners to discover how we can assist them further as they support their customers during this testing time. As a result we are constantly reviewing and updating our online system so it can handle high volumes of premium finance even during this challenging period. It means that our partners can transact their customers’ business without manual intervention supported by detailed customer and management information as required.

New technology and an awareness of the enhanced COVID-19 cyber risks WFH brings is keeping us agile, keeping us safe and being able to adapt quickly to this exceptional situation, as any good fintech should.

Duncan Gray
Chief Information Officer
Premium Credit