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What works for one can work for all!

Brokers / 22nd October

Fairway Credit partners with hundreds of golf clubs to attract and retain members, improve cash flow, reduce the administration burden, and allow managers to do what they do best, manage great courses - but don’t just take our word for it…

Roger Brown, Chief Commercial Officer, Fairway Credit

With financial planning for 2022 well underway for golf clubs around the UK, it’s been good to look back over this last year and speak with our new golf clubs partners and learn how they have found working with us.

What we offer

Fairway Credit’s payment services allow golf club members to spread the cost of their memberships over convenient monthly payments rather than having to pay in one lump sum, making membership a more affordable purchase for many.

Increasing numbers of golf clubs, looking to grow their membership, are seeing benefits from outsourcing membership payment collections. Not only do members want options on how to pay but golf clubs need additional members too, so a credit facility is a strong option benefiting everyone. It also avoids placing the club at risk from undertaking FCA regulated lending activity, a risk that passes to the lender in an outsource model.

With golf vying for the attention of the general public amongst other popular outdoor pursuits, the ability for members to pay monthly and budget is of paramount importance to the growth and sustainability of the industry.

Not only does offering a monthly repayment option help your members it also helps the club itself with Fairway Credit providing the full membership fees upfront, directly to the club and we then manage the repayments. With the ability to receive the full year’s fees upfront it allows clubs to budget expenditure more easily and to put in place plans for the club and its estate as needed.
But don’t take our word for it here’s what our partners say…

“[I’ve heard] good reviews from others using the platform …..”

One hurdle to overcome, raised by some of the golf club managers we spoke to regarding the use of a finance solution, was getting current members to adopt this new way of payment.

The vast majority setting up a payment scheme with us however find that members do adjust to this new payment option, see the benefits and couldn’t be happier! The use of a strong finance facility to meet the costs of lifestyle choices is becoming the norm, so why not in golf?

“ …. [members]were pleased to be able to split [payment costs] over 12 months … a lot easier to set up than if the system was still in house.”

It’s feedback like this directly from golf club managers that’s led us to a leading Net Promoter Score of +52 from our 2021 golf club manager survey.
So, with the ever-changing landscape of the golf industry and the UK economy as a whole, it’s the perfect time to offer members a compliant payment solution and a guaranteed income stream for your club.

Be a part of the Fairway Credit family

Fairway Credit have been working with golf clubs in the UK and Ireland for over 25 years, helping golfers enjoy the benefits of a monthly membership payment whilst giving clubs the satisfaction of knowing their membership administration is expertly managed and that income generation is being sustained.

Help is at hand

Our expert team is always available, offering support to clubs signing up with Fairway Credit and to get you up and running quickly - from introducing the digital payment system to your staff and members, to completion of the credit application process.

“…happy with the system and how it works and the ease of use for members.”

With 1 in 4 golf clubs in the UK using Fairway Credit we know that we can add value to you and your club. Why not speak to one of our team to see what we can do for you and your members – you can call us on 0344 736 9818.

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