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Why 'purpose' is important

Brokers / 15th September

Last year the whole Premium Credit team embarked on an important journey, whilst working virtually, to refresh the company’s purpose, set new values and realign the corporate strategy.

Following this activity the ‘Purposeful Strategist’, a renowned podcast outlining how leading companies are broadening their social purpose, invited Premium Credit’s CEO Tara Waite to reflect on the process we went through, from how we engaged and emboldened all of our colleagues to contribute to the redefining of our purpose to how it is being incorporated into everything we do.

During the podcast Tara outlines Premium Credit’s individual journey - from a vision-statement organisation to one that is ‘Purpose-led’; getting to the heart of the ‘purpose’ we as an organisation wish to convey and why it’s important to us. You can also hear how we are using this refreshed approach to better serve and support our community of broker partners and customers.

Taking a few moments to listen to this podcast will provide some interesting insights outlining in more detail who we are, our future goals and how we’re dedicated to helping you grow your business.

You can listen to the Purposeful Strategist hosted by Menkus & Associates here

Tara Waite