0% for work In progress

Let us look after unfinished business with 0% finance for Work in Progress
The new way to boost your cash flow

0% financing lets you collect payments for work in progress.

Continuous cash flow

We can help you to secure payment for work in progress by offering your clients 0% finance. This means that you don’t have to wait until a job is complete before you’re paid.

More cash in the bank

We give you the means to achieve a healthier cash flow in your business. Our 0% finance solution can help get your invoice closer to 100%.

Get paid upfront

We’ll unlock your debtor book and ensure your your invoices are paid in as little as 10 days.

A helping hand to your clients

You can offer your clients a more attractive payment solution, enabling them to spread their fees over a maximum of 12 monthly instalments with no added interest. You simply cover the cost.


Benefits to your business

Administration time freed up to focus on new initiatives
Flexible payment and pricing options helps you attract more clients and retain current ones
Improved cash flow by reducing debtor days
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Finance for

Accountancy Fees

Accountants – let us pay you in full, and let your clients pay us back. With FeePlan, accountants can offer their clients the option of monthly payments
Finance for

Fairway Credit

Fairway Credit is the market leading brand for golf club membership subscriptions. Fairway Credit pays the full fee up front, while the members benefit from paying monthly instalments