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Achieve new levels of success

Brokers / 30th April

The desire to improve standards is a constant feature for those wishing to succeed in the modern age. Whether it is developments in medical science; education; engineering; sports performance; or the way we do business – those looking to achieve, want to do things better. Insurance brokers and those of us supporting the insurance industry are no different.

As in every aspect of life, increased access to a strong and widely available support network helps facilitate and accelerate success. Those able to tap into this support will invariably thrive.

At Premium Credit, we know if our partners succeed, we too will benefit and grow. As a result we are continually looking at the best ways to support our broker partners and their customers.

Over recent years we’ve invested significantly in cutting edge technology – never standing still, harnessing the latest tech to improve the service we offer. This investment allows us to have the agility of a fintech, providing a smooth, seamless and a convenient journey for our brokers’ customers. As our levels of customer service and efficiency grow, so too can the performance of our broker partners.

As well as helping to improve performance from a technology perspective, we continually look at ways to help brokers build the capability of their workforce too – people will always be the industries greatest asset.

Premium Credit’s ‘Live’ online training helps brokers reach their personal development requirements through a series of webinars designed to improve a wide range of skills, not just those associated with selling premium finance. All courses are created with the broker in mind and delivered by a member of our Capability Team from a virtual training room (or face to face when restrictions allow).

Through these training modules we offer support to our broker partners through blended training enhancing soft skills such as questioning and listening techniques; sales tips; how to achieve service excellence; developing communication styles - to name just a few, and all include CPD accredited material. We also provide support for everyday operational needs such as how to process credit applications via our online platforms plus hints and tips on how to offer finance.

These are just a couple of examples of how we support the broker community. We’re here to assist you and help your businesses achieve even greater success, to the benefit of all parties.
Together we are stronger.

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