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Celebrating our diversity

Brokers / 2nd July

The idea of community resonates with all of us. It’s particularly meaningful to everyone at Premium Credit and forms a key part of our purpose. Celebrating our differences is one of the many things we love to do, to pull us closer together. Our latest activities have supported this thinking.

We have a strong affinity when it comes to supporting our communities, starting with our colleagues. Developing a culture where colleagues feel empowered to be themselves is important, creating an environment that brings out the best in everyone, which ultimately helps us deliver a better service. Having formed a Diversity & Inclusion Council consisting of colleagues from across the business, from a variety of backgrounds, we are continuously evolving our inclusive culture allowing all of us to thrive.

As we grow responsibly and ethically, the council, aligned to our CSR Strategy, is instrumental in ensuring we have a framework in place so that all colleagues are supported. As part of that delivery we have invested in training our council on how to raise awareness, promote openness and built initiatives which continue to encourage an inclusive environment, including Diversity & Inclusion training to equip colleagues with the practical skills needed in a modern tech-led business.

But it’s more than just training, it’s about bringing understanding to everyone. Back in March we supported International Women’s Day by hosting a roundtable of female colleagues from all levels of the business, who shared their experiences of working in the world of insurance. Then in June, the Diversity & Inclusion Council have been busy supporting Pride Month, including a moving interview with a gay colleague about their journey to happiness and a best dressed for Pride competition. These events have brought us together in a positive way which we look forward to continuing in the new world post COVID.

Celebrating our Diversity