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Creating seamless customer journeys

Brokers / 21st August

Carl Pickett, Business Support Manager at specialist motor insurance broker, Adrian Flux talks about how they continue to enhance their offline and online customer journeys with the integration of our Decision in Principle and e-Sign services, and the improvements it has made to the customer’s overall experience.

Adrian Flux is the UK's largest specialist motor insurance broker, covering everything from classic and vintage cars, right through to heavily modified sports cars. We use our specialist knowledge to offer great rates covering almost every vehicle imaginable with special low rates for classic car insurance, hot hatch insurance, high-performance car insurance, modified car insurance, 4x4 insurance, kit car insurance, grey import car insurance and much more.

With over 40 years' experience in arranging insurance for every kind of car imaginable - and some you probably couldn't imagine, we also offer great rates on motorcycle insurance, home insurance, caravan insurance, van insurance, and travel insurance.

We will tailor a policy to the individual and use our expertise to find you the cheapest premium, and the best car insurance scheme possible. By speaking to a specialist insurance broker, we help our customers save lots of money by tailoring quotes to their exact needs.

From prestige vehicles, to kit cars, our knowledge and highly competent staff can advise customers as to what sort of cover their vehicle needs. Our state-of-the-art computer system enhances an excellent service offered to our clients and specialised claims handling offers a first-class service dedicated to client satisfaction. Through this personal and tailor-made approach to insurance, we have become one of the most successful and highly respected insurance specialists in the UK.

As you can imagine the insurance premiums on such vehicles tend to be high and therefore many of our customers like to be able to spread the cost into affordable monthly instalments.

As such, we needed a finance provider that was able to align to our business values and was well equipped to provide the latest technology and enhancements to create simple customer journeys. We have worked in partnership with Premium Credit for the last 18 years and this long-standing relationship is very much due to two things: open dialogue for customer journey improvements and integration of the latest technology.

We are always looking for ways to enhance our customer journeys using the latest technology available. Premium Credit have consistently been on the front foot when it comes to the developments within their digital offering. Working closely with the digital team at Premium Credit, we were over the moon to be the first company to go live with their new ‘Decision in Principle’ service. The ‘Decision in Principle’ service provides us with the confidence that our customers will be accepted for credit prior to submission of the full application. This process, which is available as an API that can be used at the quote stage of the customer journey, leaves a soft footprint on the customer’s record, which is then converted to a hard footprint upon acceptance. Being a specialist motor insurance broker, our customers’ premiums can range from anywhere between £150 to £2000, which means for some, finance is the only option available. With ‘Decision in Principle’ we can provide confirmation much earlier in the customer journey, creating a much better customer experience whilst also reducing the risk of losing potential customers.

Another way that Premium Credit have been able to help us create a more seamless customer journey is through their branded e-Sign service. With this new service, which we went live with in April 2020 and sits seamlessly within the Adrian Flux digital journey, our customers have the ability to sign their credit agreements and update/change their bank and address details whilst in the same portal they use to service their insurance policy.

Looking to the future, we are keen to maintain our close working relationship with Premium Credit and continue our discussions around the latest technology advancements and ways of ensuring a seamless customer journey.