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Growing with Global Risk Partners

Brokers / 18th August

Neil Thornton, Managing Director at Global Risk Partners (GRP) shares his experience of working with Premium Credit.

At GRP we specialise in acquiring brokers, MGAs, portfolios and teams which have niche, non-commoditised, specialty business and strong profitability. As such we need to work with a high performing, industry leading finance provider to support our companies core functions and aspirations. Over the past 5 years, Premium Credit’s Account Managers have been an integral part of our company strategy ensuring clear, smooth and timely onboarding of each new acquisition and book of business.

Like so many in the industry, the COVID pandemic presented us with new challenges. I was invited to attend the Premium Credit Quarterly Sales Meeting as a guest speaker, where I shared the challenges we had faced due to the pandemic, and our experience of working with Premium Credit during this time. We felt we could have received more support from them, but knowing that they were fielding an unprecedented number of calls a day  we realised that many others were also needing that very same support and they were doing their best to provide it to all their partners and customers. This reminded me that Premium Credit has and continues to support our businesses and customers like others during this crisis.

We also discussed how we could further develop our relationship. During the pandemic, monthly payment options have become an increasingly more attractive option for customers as it helps to spread the cost of large one-off payments and ease their cashflow. As a result, we have discussed the benefits of additional training with Premium Credit’s Capability team to equip our staff with the knowledge and confidence when having finance conversations and as such we will be working on a new training schedule for online training with the team.

Being able to provide this kind of feedback and for it to be listened to and taken on board to improve the services they provide to us, just goes to show their level of commitment to each of the partners and customers they work with. It was a great reminder that we hold open communication lines with Premium Credit, and I look forward to continuing our strong and transparent relationship into the future.