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Help fight Omicron

Brokers / 3rd December

Just as we all thought the pandemic was easing, Omicron, the new Covid-19 variant has gate-crashed the party. With potentially significant implications for society and the economy, how can brokers help their customers fight this latest threat?

The challenges

Since the first UK Covid cases in early 2020 much has changed. In business and commerce firms which quickly adapted and modified were the most successful in overcoming the challenges presented.

Progression in the vaccine roll out has reduced the severity of the disease and announcements that the government is speeding up the booster programme are welcomed. However, the full effects of Omicron are still unknown and so businesses need, once again, to prepare for further disruption this winter, so what else should be considered?

More required

We all know that businesses differ in many ways, and so will the exact type of support they each need. But, maintaining liquidity, for one, is crucial at this time. Access to cash gives greater choice to acquire what is needed and when.

Insurance cover is a vital and ongoing requirement for every business but careful thought should be given to how to pay for it. Insurance protection can be a considerable outlay, using premium finance to spread the cost over convenient monthly payments can significantly improve a business’ cash flow whilst giving the right levels of insurance cover, at the right time.

We expect increased interest from brokers’ customers who are looking for ways to maintain a business as usual approach during these challenging times, many of whom were already stretched by the pandemic. Premium finance is beneficial for customers and partners, so get in touch today for award-winning support. We’re proud to support you.

Stay safe.

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