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Meet our CEO

Brokers / 18th November

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a CEO? Tara Waite, Premium Credit’s Chief Executive Officer provides a personal insight as a guest on the Positive Momentum ‘Meet the CEO’ podcast.

Tara provides a candid account of her background which took her from scientist to business leader; the importance she places on building the right team to move a business forward; the need to identify career changing learnings from a business mentor and some words of advice for aspiring CEOs.

Having been Premium Credit’s CEO for just over two years, Tara has championed the importance of Purpose for customers and partners, and the use of technology and data to build a multi-award winning business that has grown to lending over £3.6 billion to more than 2 million personal and commercial customers through strong relationships with nearly 3000 partners.

Tara’s ‘Meet the CEO’ podcast can be accessed here.

If you would like to learn more from other successful leaders, the wider podcast series takes you inside the minds of a variety of CEOs from organisations large, small and from a range of disciplines. Why do people want to become CEO’s, how do they really spend their time and how might you become a CEO? This insight is taken direct from leaders living the CEO experience and creates a great source of encouragement and direction for future trailblazers.

Tara Waite