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Network Series: Capability

Brokers / 5th October

In the second instalment of our network series, we focus our attention on our Capability team, and learn what makes them stand head and shoulders above the competition.

We are committed to meeting the needs of all our partners. To do this well, we work closely with our network partners to understand their business challenges; create and deliver solutions to address these concerns and then feed our results back to networks in a continuous loop.

The key to network success is having clear, open lines of communications and an experienced team, which is spearheaded by Christian Elson, National Sales Director & Head of Networks, Christopher Emmanuel, Networks & Strategic Account Manager and Emma Thomas, Capability Manager.

Capability is the golden link in the communication chain, as it interprets inbound feedback that our Sales team receives, into practical, specific needs-based training courses and shapes the ongoing support account managers give to our partners. Ultimately, we measure our success by their success. We are committed to equipping them with all the expertise we possess.

“We have worked hard at understanding the purpose of each network and its members, so we deliver and support them in a manner that achieves their goals, despite the challenges of remote working enforced by our current situation.” Emma Thomas, Capability Manager

A Winning Formula

To begin the process, we listened carefully to our network partners’ immediate finance needs and collaborated with them to develop tailored courses. By ensuring that every partner understands the features and benefits of premium finance, they can confidently offer this payment method to their customers.

As the Financial Conduct Authority have recently reiterated, it is vital that we fully understand the current and future needs of our customers, especially in the current climate. So the training we’ve developed not only considers today’s premium finance perspective but also compliments the work of the account executive, by setting them up with considerations for the future.

We’ve been encouraged by the fact that training has been universally well attended, right across the full range of courses - with many follow-up requests for more training. A case in point, our ‘Selling in a Hardening Market’ began as a single webinar topic and was so successful that it resulted in our partners requesting us to develop the topic into a full-blown series.

Building on the unique market insight we have as a finance provider, we endeavour to be part of our partners long term growth plans. We also offer soft skills training such, as ‘Customer Excellence’, ‘Understanding Hard Markets’, ‘Managing Remote Teams’ as well as our leading Sales Training courses, which are modular courses to help attendees learn. Most of the courses we offer are CPD accredited and range from staff competency and systems proficiency; profitable growth; to personal development.

“In this time of economic uncertainty, the market leading CPD accredited training such as ‘Selling in a Hardening Market’ and ‘Managing Teams Remotely’ provided by Emma and her team have proved invaluable to our partners. Knowledgeable communication to customers is vital and this training has been specifically developed to increase confidence and deepen trusted relationships” Christian Elson, National Sales Director & Head of Networks

Looking ahead

We have just launched part 1 of our new 6-part course, which focuses on selling to SMEs and corporate clients. Included in the first instalment is researching prospects, understanding the different pain points in their business and generating value-led solutions.

By working closely with our network partners and members, we continue to build and galvanise a fruitful and long-lasting relationship with them, which places our broker partners firmly at the centre of our efforts. This ultimately enables them win and retain more business, strengthen their profitability and trade confidently.

For more information about how our Capability team can assist you email: