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2020 Sales Targets

Brokers / 5th October

2020 sales targets – how can we help you reach yours?

It’s that time of year again when insurance brokers throughout the UK and Ireland are closely monitoring commercial performance as Q4 beckons and the sales targets set for the year loom large. Many brokers were given aggressive sales target to meet in 2020 and with the added challenges created by COVID-19, all are looking how best to achieve and exceed them.

Improving penetration of insurance premium finance is an important payment option for brokers. This is not about pushing a product to customers, but offering an effective payment option that helps customers manage their cashflow; particularly important in the current economic conditions. As well as increasing payment choices for customers, intermediaries receive a percentage commission for every new credit agreement they set up, adding further opportunity to reach their revenue targets.

The Premium Credit Capability Team delivers bespoke training throughout the UK and Northern Ireland to help brokers build sales. (We are running training sessions for some 1200 brokers per month currently).

Our CPD accredited training is provided free of charge, is a modular course, focusing on key sales skills such as building rapport, establishing customer needs and closing the sale, all brought to life through relevant premium finance examples. This helps improve the compliant, consistent and efficient offering of finance to brokers’ customers and helps raise sales. Our comprehensive support is available to new and existing partners, whether offering finance to personal or commercial customers.

Sessions are designed to meet brokers’ needs and to optimise the premium finance offering, overcoming objections and improving conversions.

What makes our training different?

  • We offer core training modules and tailored sessions
  • Training to suit a range of learning styles: webinars, e-learning and when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we’ll return to face-to-face sessions
  • We support a ‘Train the trainer’ module for those with internal training resource
  • Training is delivered by experienced trainers in both Insurance and Sales
  • We use the latest research in neurology & psychology to ensure learning is memorable and engaging

In summary, we can help brokers strengthen the customer offering, allowing increased penetration of premium finance, leading to greater insurance sales. If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to make contact:

Let’s smash those 2020 sales targets together!