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School Fee Plan - Breaking down the barriers to an independent education

Schools / 30th September

School Fee Plan: Breaking down the barriers to an independent education...

For over 25 years School Fee Plan (SFP) has helped families spread the costs of Independent school fees. We have been able to provide an alternative option for over 300,000 families looking to fund their children’s education. 

At a time of national and global challenges around COVID-19 and the repercussions for many businesses, parents’ finances may be squeezed causing them to postpone or reject the option of a fee-paying school. 

Can your school help more?

34% of all pupils attending an independent school receive some form of monetary assistance with fees, with 84% getting this help direct through school bursary programmes. 

Our experience with working with nearly half of all independent schools in the UK shows that these schools benefit themselves, and more importantly their pupils, by offering our finance services. We are the third line of help in a sector where over £1bn of fee assistance was provided last year - an increase of 5.5% from the previous year. Whether you have full termly fees to pay or are just paying a top-up on the assistance received via bursaries, SFP are able to smooth parents’ cash-flow whilst you receive the full termly fees upfront.

Using SFP not only opens up choices for parents and their children, but also helps the school by reducing the administrative and regulatory burden of offering their own monthly repayment terms -allowing them to concentrate on educating children. 

SFP is here to help…

The SFP product is not restricted to fees, we can also add on extras such as school trips and musical tuition, enabling children to take full advantage of the services provided by the school and further enhancing their learning.

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