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Ways of working 2 years on

Brokers / 31st March

Can it really be 2 years?

As the nation continues to notch up Covid milestones, we’ve recently passed the 2nd anniversary from when government first told us that people should work from home as part of stringent containment measures. Two years on, how are you faring?

Working from home, hybrid working or back in the office?

Despite restrictions being lifted, Covid infections remain a concern with most companies offering a range of working options for their employees, creating business versatility and a safe environment. After consulting with staff and broker partners we have opted for a hybrid working option with a considered use of both home, field and office based working. We listened and acted. Our ongoing aim is to create an environment where we can maintain operational excellence whist providing the optimum working environment for our people.

Business as usual

From the very first lockdown, technological investments enabled 99% of our people to decamp from the office quickly to work entirely from home with little or no limitations. Today’s hybrid solution is also designed to deliver world class premium finance solutions through high levels of productivity.

Despite the pandemic, we remain here to help you grow your businesses. Wherever our working day is based, our constant, ongoing aim is to support you in the best way possible.

Meeting in person

We’re excited to join our community of brokers as we prepare for BIBA 2022. Do come and see us at stand F20 if you can- we’ll be there in person. Likewise, if anything prevents you from joining us in Manchester, please reach out and we can meet digitally.