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Recognising International Women's Day

Brokers / 18th March

Premium Credit marked International Women’s Day earlier this month, the sentiments of which we continue to recognise throughout the year. It is an opportunity to celebrate the successes and achievements of women in the workplace and support women from around the world that may experience inequality and biases.

Any business should have a mix of people from different backgrounds including men and women as we all have different perspectives, bring diversity of thought and the workplace is richer by embracing that diversity.

There is still disparity between men and women in the general UK work force. Supporting women to progress their career alongside men and to have the same experiences is something we support as part of International Women’s Day and on an ongoing basis. We’re not complacent, we know we have more work to do and are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion- a core part of our Sustainability Strategy.

We are proud that women hold senior leadership positions and key roles across our business. We recognise the outstanding contribution they make to Premium Credit, making us a stronger, more effective company and a great place to work.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, held on March 8th was packed full of activities. We held a panel discussion with women from across our business inviting them to talk about their experiences in both Premium Credit and work in general. We launched our Premium Credit Women of the Year initiative and already have lots of inspiring nominations. Senior women in the business and women who have developed their career at Premium Credit are having coffee with women who have just started their career or are new to the company. This will include our CEO and Chief Operations and People Officer who are passionate about supporting women in the workplace. We will also continue to share stories about successful and impactful women within the workforce.

Equality is important

Equality is essential in our workplace. Everyone should be treated equally and given the opportunity to thrive. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to be treated the same as we are all different, want different things and are driven by different experiences. A business should understand the needs of their colleagues and cater to that accordingly. If an organisation has a culture where people feel included and can be themselves everyone will perform to their maximum potential.

International Women’s Day is always a timely reminder to celebrate and recognise diversity within our business. We are proud to be an inclusive employer and recognise the key role women play in our working environment.

Further updates relating to the initiatives we are undertaking to build and improve our culture of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion will be provided throughout the year. Watch this space!

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